Beer Maiden Costumes

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Put a sexy spin on the traditional dirndl outfit when you shop any of these sexy Beer Maiden costumes. Originating in Austria and Bavaria, these beer maiden beer girl costumes are perfect for Oktoberfest or Volksfest. The dirndl costume originated in the 19th century as a formal uniform for servants or maids. The dress was adopted in the 1870’s by upper class society as high fashion making it a more popular and fashionable style soon after. In today’s modern culture, the dirndl outfit is now a womens costume primarily for characterizing a beer garden or beer girl from Germany and widely used as a party outfit for Oktoberfest. The outfit is more common with short skirts and a bodice that shows the breasts.

If you’re looking for a fun costume sexy women for Oktoberfest or Volksfest, try a sexy Beer Maiden costume that range from our blue German Beer Babe, German Beer Hottie, and Sexy Beer Maiden Costume. These sexy Halloween costumes are cute renditions of the dirndl that give a flirty and sexy look to your beer fest. This costume sexy Halloween beer fest outfit for women is bound to get some looks in their fun romper or short skirt styles. Get ready to drink lots of beer in any of these sexy beer garden costumes for women. These sexy costumes for women make your German Oktoberfest party complete with your traditional knowledge of the culture and festival folk-lore wear. Find your upcoming womens beer fest outfit at this costume store for womens sexy costumes. 

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