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Leather Lingerie, Vinyl, & Erotic Lingerie

Why go mild when you can go wild?

Igniting a burning passion stems from your creativity and effort. The right recipe to a kinky and romantic night with your partner has a high dose of lingerie. If you want to make a night memorable, sexy lingerie should be your top priority. Sexy lingerie contributes highly to the mood and atmosphere of a totally steamy night. Apart from bringing in points in the bedroom, sexy lingerie can also hype up the wearer in many ways. Even without the intention of showing it in the bedroom, good quality lingerie can be a mood lifter and a self esteem booster. No doubt, sexy lingerie can convert something mediocre into something extraordinary.

We’ve had our fair share of sultry lingerie like cup less and crotchless lingerie, or the elegant kind made of lace, satin and embroidery. These are probably your go to underwear whenever you need a picker upper. Soon your appetite for a more racy lingerie will reach your palette. Once you have seen what your basic lingerie could do, you might need something to spice things up. You and your lingerie hold that power to turn things around. If we want high octane passion then we also have to dress passionately for the part.

Leather: The Emblem of Erotic

Nothing will satisfy your erotic craving more than leather. Leather was considered unconventional for a time. Because it is a very challenging material to style, it is often shrugged off and left on the shelves. Though no woman can deny that this material epitomizes sexy. Fashion labels have been mixing leather and vinyl into their collections and more women are embracing the trend for it reaps amazing results in making one ooze sex appeal. Its ‘wet look’ material will make everyone do a double take once they lay their eyes on your sexy outfit.

We have seen leather outfits grace the covers of adult magazines, and paparazzi photos of the sexiest celebrities in Hollywood. Take inspiration from sex symbols such as the Kardashians, Rihanna and Lady Gaga who rocked the leather sexy trend at the pavement. It comes to no surprise that leather have earned a place in the fashion industry.

Leather jackets, leather pants and even leather tops are considered uber chic and stylish. You can turn an ordinary outfit into dynamite by adding a touch of leather. A wet look crop top in Julbie’s selection of vinyl and leather can be dressed up or down with either jeans, or a matching leather bottom. The timeless little black dress won’t need any introductions when you wear it in leather or vinyl. Any minidress will be added its wow factor with a pair of killer leather thigh highs. Leather looks great when paired with your regular garbs and no less when worn purely from head to toe. Pair some leather leggings with a light blouse to mix edgy with casual, and don't forget the stilettos. 

Leather Lingerie: Risqué-y Business

At some point, the monotony of our usual lingerie will drown out all intense emotions causing a gloom in the bedroom. When you have exhausted all sexy lingerie you can think of (crotchless, g-strings, etc.) and need a new and exciting twist, lingerie leather is the way to go! Leather lingeries come in many forms including sexy thigh highs.

If you are still apprehensive when it comes to leather, especially if it comes in direct contact with your skin then good thing you are reading this. Leather, pleather, latex and vinyl are all actually very comfortable au contraire to its reputation of being hot and humid at first wear. The material adjusts to body temperature as things heat up but we’re sure that when you are in that momentum, that would be least of your worries. Leather is supple. It adheres to the body like butter. What makes it the pinnacle of sexy is its conformity to your figure. This lavish fabric clings like wrapper and hugs your body showing off your curves.

For transitioning into the trend, it is recommended you start from the basics and since women’s leather lingerie come in a variety of forms, it will be an easy feat to pull off. A leather tank top and leather panty can help you get into the rhythm of it while still looking daring. When you simply want to look edgy in the bedroom, go for leather panties paired with matching leather bras. You can even simply wear a pair of wet look pasties if you are feeling more naughty. You can also opt for a one piece teddy or bodysuit instead of a set which is a ‘no nonsense, let’s get down to business’ look that will be perfect for a wild night ahead. Another alternative that is easy and versatile is a leather corset paired with a pair of jeans for a casual sexy look. 

Gaining in popularity is bdsm lingerie that comes in a variety of 'intensity' for role playing. Made in a variety of materials such as: wet look, 100% genuine leather, polyester, vegan leather, and more. All of them come with one simple purpose which is to mimic bondage lingerie for dom sub role play. 


Dominatrix Clothing: 50 Shades of Black

Ever since the popularity of the sensual book turned movie, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, dominatrix outfits has been prevailing in women’s list of must try’s. Dominatrix is a role that people play in a BDSM set up. This considered ‘fetish’ have been rejuvenating couples’ relationship in the boudoir.

It is only fitting that a wild intimacy be matched with equally wild clothing. That is where femdom lingerie, BDSM collars, dominatrix clothes, and body harness lingerie enter. Dominatrix clothes are in leather or vinyl material because it amps up the sensation. There’s no better way to go than black leather when it comes to fetish lingerie. Aside from this, it also makes the experience fool proof as the materials are very sturdy and durable as compare to your usual lace and silk.

There are many dominatrix costumes you can go for when you want to experiment in the bedroom. One rule of thumb though, ordinary is out of the question. When you put dominatrix and leather into the picture, being ‘average’ is a thing of the past. Women should go all out on this aspect and look for styles that will scream risqué and rowdy. This will bring out fierceness makes every woman feel much more daring as compared to milder lingerie.

Julbie has gathered the best of the best leather dominatrix lingerie and black leather dresses to feed your carnal hunger. You can choose from an open cup and crotchless design with a lace up corset to accentuate all of your femininity. If you're looking for a lighter look, then choose from a variety of bdsm outfits that feature softer sides of dominatrix clothing. 

Indulge in something inexplicably wild and enticing with an arm bondage teddy dominatrix costume with matching eye mask and wrist restraints. Go out of your boundaries, push your limits and surprise your man with this arousing wet look set. Top-off any bondage lingerie with a sub collar that allows your dom to control you appropriately. Many submissive collars include large metal o-rings for leashes and similar accents like words that spell: 'DADDY', 'SLUT', 'SUB', BITCH, and more. 

Leather Costumes: Eye Candy for Halloween

Leather has become such a universal material that it is also commonly utilized during the night of witches. You can also cap an all leather, vinyl or wet look costume even when you attend costume parties or maybe even go trick or treating! DIY is all the rage, so why not wear a leather dress with matching black leather choker as a sexy cat costume, or a black leather skirt with your fetish bunny mask. 

Let us not forget that some of our sexiest fictional characters are clad in leather. The most popular of which is cat woman. The hottest of all superheroes is decked out in a black leather catsuit. You can cop a multipurpose leather bodysuit from Julbie, along with thigh high boots. Just throw in a pair of cat ears headband and you are ready to slay the night! You can also bring out your leather goods and go as a spy or an assassin, and many more! The best assassin accessory is a leather harness lingerie that features cutout accents and large metal o rings. Wear this leather harness over a black bodysuit and turn that ordinary bodysuit into a dangerous assassin!

You most likely have a couple of leather items in your wardrobe at this point, but is it enough to ignite fire? Leather should be on top of your list if you want to take it to a whole new level of sexiness and seduction. If you have not considered this yet, then you are missing out! Embrace your sensuality and let leather do the talking.