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Nothing can give you the kind of support that your bras offer. Diamonds are fabulous, but bras are the real girl’s best friend. A great bra lifts you up, does not stab you in the back, and is close to your heart, all the qualities of a good friend!

When bras have become an option in this day and age rather than a requirement, your bra drawer might be getting the least action.

Even if you do not grab for your bosom-holders daily, it is comforting to know that you have a high-quality bra sitting, waiting for you to be used at any time. You’ll never know when you need to whip out brassier. More than comfort, we reach for bras for their coverage and support.

Bras We Love

There are unlimited options for every kind of occasion. All you have to do is look in the right place, i.e., right here!

The range of products in the bra category is colossal, and you could quickly get eaten up by all the choices in the market. There are also strapless, multiway, strappy. Not to mention the materials and fabric hybrids.

Great news! Julbie has curated the best, functional, sexiest, most beautiful bras for you!

We believe you should have at least one of these most common bra types:

  • T-shirt bras
  • Push-up bras
  • Sports bras
  • Bralettes
  • Shelf bras
  • Cupless Bras
  • Half Cup Bra

Function and fashion do not negate each other. All the pretty balconette bras with intricate designs can provide the same amount of support as your basic underwired ones. In another vein, those sexy push-up bras can be as comfy as your lightweight bralettes. Remember that you can always get the best of both worlds. We have provided the barely-there open cup bras for the females who still want their freedom but enjoy lingerie that looks sexy. If you feel too restricted with a full-coverage bra, a half-cup bra or a cupless bra still works wonders. It will be the ace in your game of seduction.

Healthy and Happy Breasts

The notion that bras can cause back or muscle pain is a myth. Though it could be valid to some extent, it is mainly caused by poorly fitting bras and not bras in general. It is essential to know your accurate size, and we do not mean the size you got from a store eons ago. Even though you are way past puberty, your size could change due to weight loss or gain and even dramatic lifestyle changes.

When you have accurate sizing in your pocket, you will enjoy all the great benefits of having a bra. It is always beneficial to get that structural support that aids in better posture in certain physical activities, such as a pole stripping exercise.

Another key to having a healthy relationship with brassieres is to switch up your bras at least every 6 months and know the proper way of washing and storing them.

A Sexy Bra Always Has Your Back

Sometimes, wearing a pretty bra is more empowering than just letting your tatas loose. Silence that mental debate with yourself and get the bra! You will always have that one type of bra that you have not yet tried. Just when you think you have it all and then some, a perfectly unique piece pops up, like a lace cupless bra with choker details that spell out SEDUCTION in all capital letters. When an opportunity, in the form of an open cup bra, presents itself, you grab it, add it to your cart and check out! So do not feel guilty about wanting to fill your drawer with sexy bras. Hey, you need something to put those dollar bills in, and it isn’t a purse!