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NevaNude – Nipple Pasties

For women, bras are a must to support and cover what is a must to cover. Its a daily necessity that most cannot live without. There are days, however, where we want to do without bras and underwires. Your babies also need to breathe, right? We have also experience the struggle that comes with hiding your bra underneath those low-cuts and revealing necklines. It could get frustrating! Thanks to innovation, we have been blessed with the innovation that is called pasties. Nipple pasties are good in protecting the nipples minus the straps and the pads of your regular bras!

Some of you may think that pasties can get a little boring if you are a sexy lingerie lover. You need that extra embellish on your body so regular pasties might not satisfy your need for creative expression.

NevaNude makes their pasties with magic, love and a little bit of pixie dust. You never have to worry about being boring anymore. Neva Nude pasties are far from being a bore. They have a very colorful selection of nipple pasties. This may want you to show them off! You can totally do so for rave outfits.

NevaNude have pasties that are sparkly. It can add shine and shimmer to your outfit when you wear it underneath a plain mesh or any transparent tops. This brand shares its Neva glitz (and glam!) to all women who want to let their twins free and still be ultra stylish and eye catching.

When you think of anything bright, colorful and fun, NevaNude has it. Their sparkle comes in a lot of shapes and colors: lightning black glitter pasties, a super sparkle gold four-leaf clover red sparkly hearts.

The star shaped pasties come in various colors and styles, too! They have holographic pasties, and chunky glitter pasties. Get this, a sequined star pasties that transform colors when you move your hand over it is now within your reach! Your look will be uniquely awesome when you stick it on for your rave party or musical festival.

NevaNude has got you covered, both literally and figuratively, with all your nipple cover needs. All their NevaNude pasties are made with top-notch materials so that you do not have to worry about nip slips. They use medical grade adhesive so it will last you throughout the night. It is also very safe for your skin.

Locally-sourced from sunny California, NevaNude is one of the leading provider of nipple pasties. This female-owned brand are promoting fun and quirky style without piling on the fabric on your body!

You can have more time frolicking and just simply having a blast because NevaNude will never let you down. You will feel as liberating as being nude without actually stripping down your hoo-has! Shop Julbie for your fun and quirky fix ofNevaNude pasties.

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